Cooking Basics

Though we enjoy eating out more than in, it is important to know how to cook properly and keep it safe. No one is incapable of learning to cook. There are people who need a lot more practice than others, though. Unfortunately, many people will give up on cooking without truly giving their best first. Below is some advice to help you learn to manage food in your kitchen.

When working with sliced meat, it is best to partially freeze the meat before trying to thinly slice it on the cutting board. With Asian cuisine, this is particularly true. When you partially freeze the meat, you can expect cleaner slices because the fibers of the meat will not tear easily. Of course, you will need to thaw the meat completely before cooking to ensure it cooks evenly.

If you want to remove corn from the cob, try using the back of your knife to scrape the cob. By doing this, the milk from the corn will be extracted. Use that milk to drizzle over your corn before eating.

Garlic can give off quite the odor when slicing. To help reduce this, place the garlic into a plastic bag first. When you slice the garlic cloves inside the bag, you will keep your cutting board from absorbing the odors.

One of my favorite things to cook in the fall and winter is apples. Unfortunately, they quickly rot when not stored correctly. Always store your apples in a cellar or fridge in plastic bags to keep them fresh. Keep a close eye on the apples, because once one begins to rot, the others will soon follow.

Having a basic understanding of cooking can help you go a long way in the kitchen. Cooking is a science and an art. Follow the advice above to help you conquer cooking in your own kitchen.