Who We Are

Welcome to Spoon Lenox! We are a group of self-proclaimed coffee, wine, and food connoisseurs from St. Lenox, MA. Basically, what that really means, is that we are a group of friends who love to go out together for food and drinks, then talk about it.

My name is Logan, and I am the main writer on this page. My friends, Mike, Shelley, Vernon, and Ann will also share here from time to time. I am more into the coffee scene personally, and enjoy a nice, rich cup of joe. The girls, Shelley and Ann, are more of our wine connoisseurs, while the other guys are mostly into food. We all love spending time together, though, whether in a coffee house, at a bar, or a restaurant, so that’s what is important.

Sure, you may not find any of us educated enough on the topics of coffee, wine, or food to suit your desires, but we love to share our passions with others, so this will be our outlet to do so. I certainly hope you will follow us on this page and visit often! Also, if there is something you would like for us to try or review, give us a shout on our Contact Page! We look forward to hearing from you soon!